Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Social responsibility Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Social responsibility - Research Paper Example Usually social responsibility measures are assigned to a small group or an individual, often within the human resources management department. Employees tasked to carry out this responsibility have to focus on social subject matters in three primary domains (Anderson 15): 1. Total compliance with international, federal, state, and local legislative laws and acts; 2. Moral and ethical standards and procedures under which the firm will operate; and 3. Philanthropic giving Most business organizations face challenges in developing and implementing socially responsible measures. Still, all businesses should consider and participate in this area. To function without serious losses or disruptions, a business should always fulfill their legal obligations. It should formulate, execute, and monitor moral and ethical guidelines for all members of the organization. In the philanthropic domain, where there is greater freedom of activities in where, when, and how the company should plan about and resolve numerous issues before creating just and practical course of action (Clegg & Rhodes 57). With more involved citizens and government, social responsibility has continued to receive much attention and popularity over the recent years (McShane & Steen 105). Social responsibility will keep on demanding more effort, time, and resources. Skilled and diverse management is needed in all the domains of social responsibility. Businesses, the government, and society should team up more strongly in the future if major developments are to be achieved in the area of social responsibility. What is Social Responsibility? The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is usually associated with related concepts like stakeholder management, corporate social responsiveness, and corporate citizenship. All these concepts refer to a company’s responsibilities outside its main purpose that involves generating a profit (Blackburn, Doran, & Shrader 195). A primary reason for the multifa ceted nature of CSR is that it binds society and business. It requires no extensive study to understand the different debates over social responsibility occurring across society. Two major concepts appear to be vital to the understanding of social responsibility, namely sustainability and responsibility (Clegg & Rhodes 53). Sustainability is a standard concept on the external and internal environment as regards intangible and tangible resources. Intangible resources, such as skills and knowledge, must be recognized and developed. Tangible resources, such as oil and raw materials, should be utilized with precise care and, preferably, substituted by alternatives and reused (Anderson 18-20). It is in the interest of the company to thoroughly care for the pooled intangible and tangible resources and to manifest this in its operations. On the other hand, responsibility today implies not just economic, but also environmental and social responsibility. Companies are persuaded to surpass th e economic perspective and consider a broader framework. This challenge may be viewed as indirect or direct societal demands to integrate environmental and social principles into business activities (Anderson 24). In recent times, it has become somewhat widespread to define this responsibility as CSR.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

The letter of Galileo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The letter of Galileo - Essay Example What Galileo is up to and what is he trying to say? In the letter Galileo states that his discovery regarding the solar system was unique. People who went against him doubted that his discoveries would upset nature and jeopardize science. Galileo in the letter tried to emphasize that discoveries based on truth helps in the growth in knowledge. With the passage of time his discoveries were considered to be correct by other eminent scientist. Galileo suggests that his book must be destroyed if any disparity is found between his views regarding Copernican system and the Church. (Galilei) A war began between science and Christianity. Europeans discovered they were residing in a world and era of ever growing opportunities. The Church no longer held its power over the truth owing to the reformation. The knowledge gained from university courses was no longer considered sufficient and it was time for natural philosophers to get their worth (Ede and Cormack, 103). In modern world scientists t hroughout the globe possesses variety of belief with respect to different religions. Some scientists claim that both religion and science are different entities and both are equally important in one’s life. ... Both are independent by their own nature and discover separate realms. The methods of both science and religion are similar and they both can help in enhancing each other. Religion offers a philosophical structure required to do science. Galileo always believed that science and religion is constantly in war with each other. Galileo’s discovery that earth orbits the sun was strongly denied by Church because they were ignorant about science. The Church was against the ideas of Galileo because they could never relate religion with science. Galileo along with his discoveries wrote that his discoveries never contradicted with Bible. Christians argue that according to Bible, science is younger than Earth. They believe that science or religion either of the one must be wrong or deny the fact that these two entities can ever reconcile with each other. If science is unable to find any natural mechanism for any particular event or phenomena then many people believe that behind the cause of the event is some supernatural force and that is God. But after few years when scientist discovers a natural mechanism which clarify the event, then the existence of god becomes questionable. (Stewart, 107-110) Difference between Science and Religion Religious belief was a hindrance to the progress of science during the Galileo’s period of time. A heated disparity aroused regarding the understandings of some of the verses in the Bible especially from lyrical sections of the Psalms. If it was imagined that these scriptures should be read as science rather than poetry then it could have be easily interpreted that Earth was centrally located in the universe. Galileo agreed with the theories of Copernicus that this ideology was